When in Virginia: taking a swing at Southern food

I bought buttermilk. I had a few things in mind when I did this, besides drinking it with a dash of pepper like I did as a kid (and have since lost the stomach for). I had elaborate plans to make homemade biscuits, like the ones my Atlanta-raised culinary champion of a friend Katy (also … Continue reading

The new balanced diet: prioritizing nutrition, cost and foodie concerns

The title of a new report by the Environmental Working Group could very well be my grocery shopping mantra: “Good Food on a Tight Budget.” But my favorite part about this new report, which features all sorts of user-friendly food tips and recipes, is that it attempts to make “good food” accessible to more people through a … Continue reading

Remembering Julia

We hear about Julia Child all the time. About the indelible — and edible — mark she left on the food world, making French food accessible to regular folk with her charm and certain je ne sais quoi. We have seen her depicted in blogs and books and movies of late, portrayed by Meryl Streep in the … Continue reading

“Homemade” pizza for cheaters, weeknight dinners

So, I know I could make my own pizza crust. I’m told by professional level bakers that pizza dough is basically the one thing that us novices can’t mess up. But sometimes, it’s a Monday night and you’re just desperate for an alternative to the local pizza chain. Or you go ahead and assume, while grocery shopping, … Continue reading

Virginia country cont.: breakfast(s) extraordinaire and food celebrity spottings

Now where did I leave off? Oh yes, waking up to the Blue Ridge Mountains layered with morning fog… and a Keurig coffee maker waiting to meet our beck and call. It’s a happy three-year-anniversary, bed-and-breakfast style! After a morning run (those ridge roads are a bit hilly in spots), we moseyed down to the … Continue reading

Virginia country: this place is growing on me

Ever since we moved to the big city, I’ve been dying to get back out to the country. So I found an excuse in the celebration of our three-year wedding anniversary last week. Getaway to Virginia wine country and a bed and breakfast? Yes, please. Thankfully, my husband is the perfect partner for a food … Continue reading