A week in food photos

I take a lot of pictures. My husband knows by now that, if I’ve cooked and plated something with particular care, it’s paws off until I snap a pic. Instagram sees most of my food shots, but the ones I take with my Nikon usually end up stored in the bowels of my computer, never to see the light of day.

So I thought I’d share a week (or two) in food pics. Just some light food reading for you to enjoy… Look me up on Instagram or Twitter @whitneypipkin to see the daily deluge of food pics. And tell me in the comments what you’ve been eating lately.

Lunch today: golden beets and gruyere grilled cheese, with goat cheese smeared on the other piece of rye and a little ham in between. It was a good decision. What are your favorite grilled cheese experiments?

The Roast Chicken…  that the dog thought should be hers. (She nabbed five organic chicken breasts once, and I think she learned her lesson.)

Cauliflower gratins all in a row, ready to be baked for Thanksgiving. Easy, delicious and fancy looking (yes, cauliflower does come naturally in these colors.) See the recipe here.

Beautiful brussels with pomegranate seeds and a pomegranate glaze. Recipe.

Lunch yesterday: a scrape-the-bottom-of-the-fridge salad. If you haven’t had time to roast your beets, grate them over a salad!

Rac(c)oon dip: just one of the roadkill-esque specimens I got to eat for a story that ran today in The Washington Post about the 13th annual Squirrel Fest in Romney, W. Va. Read it here.

And we’ll finish with a photo of the most beautiful dog in the world. Mine. Her name is Ariel.

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