Food Trucks, Farmers Markets, Pop-ups — discuss, DC

Food trucksEver been to the curated food-lovers’ mecca that is Union Market DC? Well, here’s your excuse. A publication I write for is co-hosting an event with Smart Growth America this Thursday night to discuss “Food in the City: how food trucks, farmers markets and more shape D.C.’s new dining scene.”

Show up early and we can grab a drink at Buffalo & Bergen… or oysters, or a smattering of cured meats to take home. And maybe we’ll get a peek at the brand of community we think is happening around food in DC — or at least a chance to talk and think about it. Here’s a bit from my story previewing the event:

Shedding its image as a destination for take-out-only transients, the local food scene has matured over the last decade into something distinctly D.C.

The District is becoming known as much for its food trucks as its five-stars, a place where the lunch hour has become more of a conversation starter than a pit stop and the latest hotspot could have literally popped up within the last week.

So how does a city that’s just stepping into its food identity grow its reputation as an eating destination? How do the new food concepts that grab headlines or turn heads also bring people together or revolutionize a neighborhood? And how can the city keep it going?

These are some of the topics up for discussion at a panel discussion taking place at 6 p.m. on June 20 at Union Market. The public event is the second in a series hosted by Smart Growth America and co-sponsored by Elevation DC about the intersection of place and the economy… Read the full story at ElevationDC.

Part of the discussion will be about how mobile or temporary eating spaces — food trucks, farmers markets, pop-ups — have this crazy ability to foster community. Something about eating on the sidewalk or in an unconventional space lets us all let down our guard and, perhaps, talk to a stranger, perhaps eat food in a stranger’s home (cue Feastly).

It should be loads of satisfying fun. If you can’t make it, I’ll be writing a wrap-up of it for next week. If you’re interested in attending, here’s the skinny on the event:

Washington, DC, is gaining attention for its new food scene, and the city’s great neighborhoods are helping make that possible. Join us for a panel discussion and reception about the intersection of smart growth development and DC’s burgeoning food community sponsored by Smart Growth America and Elevation DC. Weigh in about how small businesses are changing real estate, and how the city can support food industry entrepreneurs through better development. Leading the conversation will be:

And I leave you with TaKorean inspiration to go to Union Market — or a food truck — sometime.


One Response to “Food Trucks, Farmers Markets, Pop-ups — discuss, DC”
  1. Wish I could be there! Sounds amazing!!


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