Turkey & Spain, here we come!


Sadly, this cute kid isn’t going with us, but his parents are!

We’re headed to the land of Turkey tomorrow! Though, international flights being as they are, I can’t be sure we arrive tomorrow or even the next day (the friend who wrote our itinerary does military time, and I refuse to assimilate). And by we, I mean me and my husband, and six of our friends. My husband has been twice before, much to my chagrin (I mean, I was happy for him), since I had planned a trip to the great country back in college that was canceled the night before. This time, we’re headed to the Cappadocia region. Needless to say, I’m pumped!

Also perhaps needless to say, I’m far behind on packing, so I’ll have to keep this brief.

First of all, the things I’m looking forward to…

turkey dinner

Turkish food! I’ve barely gotten a glimpse of what this country has to offer culinarily, but I’ve heard great things. The lamb shank dinner that’s pictured was from a Turkish restaurant in Arlington that was nearly indistinguishable from Greek restaurants, with dolmades and gyros. The good news is I am nearly expectation-less when it comes to the cuisine we’ll encounter (except I am told Turkish coffee tastes like dirt).

On the back end, we are heading to Spain for just a few days in Madrid. I don’t need to tell you how excited I am about the food there and how many bottles of goodies (preserved ones especially) I’d like to bring back. Saffron from Turkey shouldn’t present a packing problem. A case of Spanish wine, well, maybe.

And, just in case of travel delays or, heaven forbid, poor access to food, we’re bringing some of our own, too (recipe here).


But right now, I know I’m going to miss this one…

puppy I'll miss

And my afternoon “frou-frou” coffee obsession. The coffee concentrate from Growl, Zico chocolate coconut water and farm-fresh milk make for a mad mocha.

foofoo drinks

But, I digress. If any of you have traveled to these parts of Turkey or Spain, I’m totally up for your suggestions! I’m usually a vacation-planning fiend. But this time, I’m going with the flow.

See you in two weeks!

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