Happy Anniversary to my favorite person!

Happy anniversary to my husband of four whole years! I can’t quite describe the awesomeness that is this man. I mean, I knew he was great when I decided to marry him, but I had no idea how great. Truly! I have been amazed more and more every year at what a great decision I made!


Marriage is an incredible gift. It’s one worth nurturing and investing in, one that takes a lot of work and reaps rich rewards. I’m super excited this anniversary to know that my little sister will be enjoying this gift, too (she got engaged a couple weeks ago!) I remember being totally overwhelmed with the seriousness of marriage leading up to our wedding day (Wait, I’m gonna need to be selfless and loving like all the time? That sounds super hard.) Then we got married, and I was amazed at how fun it was. I remember sitting on the floor unpacking presents and laughing about who-knows-what until tears rolled down our faces. We still do that a lot.

We also eat a lot. Little did we know when we first got married that I’d be obsessed with food & cooking (see the story about my initial grocery store breakdown here) and that he would be the perfect companion in this hobby. Cole does dishes and goes to far too many food events with me (in fact, we’re going to one tonight, too); he’s come to love tomatoes and mushrooms and many things he once despised, and he’s just the most flattering eater ever. Ask any of our friends who’ve ever made a plate of brownies for him — he just raves about them. He has a real gift of encouragement, especially when you speak his love language first by feeding him. (And I’m realizing as I look for pictures of us that I should take more pictures of us… and less of food. Whoops!)

He also has an uncanny ability to turn anything, including this crab shell disposal bucket, into a drum. Despite his impressive rhythmic abilities, I often find this quite annoying. I’m still working on changing that one… maybe in the next four years?


We had some adventures this past year, going to CozumelTurkey and Spain. We bonded over surviving a Tough Mudder in West Virginia this year (see my story about how a guy died at it here).


But some of my favorite moments are just hanging out here, at the house, with our dog, surrounded by chores that need doing, stories that need writing, futures that need planning and just choosing to enjoy each other in the midst of it.


That’s what anniversaries are for, reminding us to take a minute and mark the passage of time, to be thankful and to tell each other how thankful we are. And, of course, to eat some good food. We have reservations for a little brunchy-brunch at Le Diplomate this weekend and we’ll be heading back to our favorite B&B, The Farmhouse at Veritas Vineyards, for a summer concert series in September.

So enjoy this first day of August! I’m thankful for all the sweet friends that celebrated this day with us four years ago in Kansas, and for all the friends and homes and adventures in between.

Cheers, to many more!

6 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to my favorite person!”
  1. Cheryl Y says:

    Really nice tribute to a really great man, husband, son-in-law. Cheers to 4 years together, may there be many, many more!

    P.S. – Does Cole know that cinnamon is good for you and really good in coffee?

  2. You guys are so cute! Happy Anniversary!! Here’s to many many many more!!


  3. Cole says:

    Great write up, babe! And happy anniversary! See you in a few hours (itLw ;-)!

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