Because bad days are made better by turning them into funny stories

So funny story. Who knew that these ridiculous-looking pudgy ski gloves I’ve been wearing everywhere to brave the ongoing D.C.-freeze can also inadvertently lock my car with the keys in it? Who knew? On the way to teach one of my exercise classes this morning, I swung by the church parking lot where I pick … Continue reading

Raw milk: the ongoing story

I’m not sure what first got me into the idea of writing about raw milk and its devoted followers. The beverage, legal in some states, not so much in others, seemed to be the centerpiece of so many debates about our food system: Whole fats or low fat? Should government be able to tell people … Continue reading

Eat This List: 5 things to cook up in a deep freeze

Originally posted on Eatocracy:
This is the seventeenth installment of “Eat This List” — a regularly recurring list of things chefs, farmers, writers and other food experts think you ought to know about. Pictured above: supermarket shelves plundered in anticipation of a blizzard in January, 2011. Weather outside? Frightful. Inside? As delightful as you care…

Green-ish smoothies & powerhouse turmeric

I’ve been doing a lot of blending lately. It’s the time of year to take healthy things and make them palatable enough that maybe, just maybe, you’ll keep eating them past January 31st. And if the breakfast smoothie weren’t the best idea ever invented in that category, then I don’t know what is (wait, are … Continue reading