Eat This List: 5 things to cook up in a deep freeze

I couldn’t resist sharing Kat Kinsman’s great ideas for 5 things worth cooking up in this deep freeze. I heartily endorse the beer bread one and everything-in-my-fridge soups. I’m still using broth frozen from my Thanksgiving turkey as the base for sweeter-based soups (after all, the bird was basted in maple syrup). And I just realized we’re the only people in the neighborhood that haven’t scraped our driveway and sidewalk — sorry mailman. Which gives me even more excuses to stay in and cook. Cheers to being snowed in (which, in DC, happens with a couple of inches and lasts for days)!


This is the seventeenth installment of “Eat This List” — a regularly recurring list of things chefs, farmers, writers and other food experts think you ought to know about. Pictured above: supermarket shelves plundered in anticipation of a blizzard in January, 2011.

Weather outside? Frightful. Inside? As delightful as you care to craft it.

Just in case you’ve been huddled up in an igloo or a Tauntaun with no mobile or cable reception, massive snowfall has thwacked a big chunk of the country. Millions of people are either digging out or frozen in place, and it’s it’s gonna stay chilly over the next few days.

Might as well hunker down and fuel up. Here’s what’s on my cold weather menu. Or it would be if I were at my home, rather than snowed in an airport motel far from home.

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