Georgia (the country, not the state) on my mind

Have you heard? Georgian food — from the country south of Russia, not the state — is the next big thing. I had the pleasure of experiencing it recently and writing about it this week for The Washington Post food section. And now I’d like to suggest how to join in the fun (and what to do this weekend). {Read the story here.} 


At the Georgian supra at Wendy’s home last Sunday.

I can’t say I’m as obsessed with Georgian cuisine as Jenny Holm, of The Georgian Table blog or Wendy Stuart of Food Works Group, who hosted our Georgian supra, but I’m getting there. Anyone who’s had khachapuri or Georgian wine would probably agree, this country’s cuisine is obsession-worthy.


This, my friends, is khachapuri.


I was supposed to go to the Georgian embassy for more food and wine last night, but the silly 5-plus inches of snow we got here in Washington foiled my plans. When my new friend Mamuka Tsereteli told me that there’d be khachapuri at the event (which I couldn’t believe they were still having in this weather; Georgians are both hospitable and determined), I considered risking my life to make it down our incredibly steep driveway.

I also will be taking up the challenge of replicating the Georgian menu — with recipes by Jenny — that accompanied the story, this weekend. Because the goat lady Deb Dramby asked if I’d serve her khachapuri.


But then I found out there’s another wine opportunity tonight and decided to live another day. The good news is, you (Washingtonians) can attend this one, too!

Batch 13 at Logan Circle is offering a free tasting of Georgian wines (I’ve had both; they’re like nothing you’ve had before) from 5 to 8 p.m. today. Here are more details.


Also, if you don’t have plans for Saturday and want to indulge in some inspiring food conversations, check out the local viewing party for TedX Manhattan’s “Changing the Way We Eat” forum taking place tomorrow. The lovely Danielle Tergis is hosting the viewing party, which is free to attend, in Clarendon from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. More information here.

Between inspiring words piped in from NYC, we’ll hear from some of D.C.’s best speakers on the topics of food systems, food security and food labor. This includes a repeat performance from the one-and-only Pam Hess of Arcadia. (If you were at the Food Tank Summit or watched it on live stream, she was the one who stole the show and opened a lot of people’s eyes to ongoing issues with affordable, healthy food.) Danielle’s done a great job curating this event, and I’d love to see more of you there!

So, quick, go shovel your driveway, scrape your car and do your wine-drinking exercises. It’s another great weekend in food in Washington.
– W

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