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Most of us who harbor a food fetish can trace it back to a certain source. For me, it was a sense of place.

I’ve been a writer all my life and have worked as a journalist since 2008, at daily newspapers and now as a freelance writer based in Alexandria, Va. But it was living in and writing about the Skagit Valley north of Seattle that turned me into a serious eater. The food-focused mindset seeps in by osmosis in that ag-infused place. With every bite of the Valley’s signature strawberries [they taste like sunshine] and with every season of a CSA share that’s ripe with varieties I didn’t know existed, I started to realize that THIS is what food is supposed to taste like. I wonder what else I’d been missing.

I grew up in Kansas, but — shock of shocks — was not a farmer. Indeed, I hadn’t even conversed with a farmer until my husband’s Naval career took us to Washington state. My lack of farm knowledge earned me some grief at the research center where I spent much of my time as a business and agriculture reporter for the Skagit Valley Herald. Wearing houndstooth goulashes on a farm tour earned me some additional ribbing.

After moving to Washington, DC, in early 2012, I realized I can’t seem to shake the thoughts about food. As a journalist, I love the people part of food — writing about the farmers and food-movement starters and family chefs who are tangibly changing their slice of the eating world. As a freelance journalist covering food, ag & the environment, I get to write about some of these movers and shakers. My goal is for this blog to be a place where those stories start, where I can begin a conversation about the food topics that fascinate me, and maybe you. With a Seattleite’s eye for what’s new [at least to DC] and a background in traditional journalism, my hope is to produce some original thoughts in a food-writing realm that is beginning to burst at the seams.

Feel free to feed me your thoughts or story ideas — or to just feed me — anytime: whitpipkin AT gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @whitneypipkin. And see my journalism portfolio at whitneypipkin.com.

6 Responses to “About the author”
  1. Rae Lynn Kasdan says:

    Loved your El Moro story in the Post. It has been many many years since I have eaten in Mexico. And as I am faced with totally inferior Mexican-Amer food in central Virginia, where I live, I remember fondly the “real” Mexican food I ate. Also, at a time when most of the news we get about Mexico and Mexicans is so stressful i.e., immigration and gang violence, it is really great to read about the kindness and corazon of Mexicans, which many of us discovered in our travel there. Gracias

    • whitneypipkin says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, Rae Lynn! We also found the people in Cozumel oh-so hospitable, and we loved the food at El Moro. I try to stick to taco trucks in the NoVA area for the most authentic Mexican for now!

  2. Muriel Watkins says:

    Delighted to have retrieved your article to share in celebration of #EarthDay, “Why entrepreneurs are suddenly finding the beauty in ugly produce” @murielwatkins. Philip Wong and Ann Yang of Misfit Juicery presented at the Bethesda Green Mentor Capital Network Fishbowl Investor Pitch last June and I remembered your article. Great job with a comprehensive review of entrepreneurs involved in reducing food waste.

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