P.Y.O Pumpkins, Apples, Paw Paws & Recipes

WE WENT TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH! And it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Fall-like, family friendly, and we even found a photographer to bring along! Thanks to Jami McDowell for taking these great shots! (And, yes, that is a hair flip in the above photograph. That’s apparently what I do while walking to … Continue reading

Fall Calls: Pumpkin (grain-free) Muffins & Other Seasonal Ideas

It didn’t feel much like fall this past Saturday as we sat through a sweltering, 90-degree day to watch Navy beat Air Force in Annapolis. But that didn’t stop us from ushering as much fall flavor as possible into our breakfast tailgate and stop-by-the-car halftime lunch. My friend Christi (pictured below) made these to-die-for pumpkin … Continue reading

Pumpkin Part Two — roast it with cheese

Pumpkins. We’re halfway through October and they’re beginning to make an appearance on nearly every doorstep in our neighborhood. But not on ours. No, this year I can’t seem to let them sit still long enough — without eating them. After making pumpkin lasagna last week, admittedly from canned pumpkin, I had a hankering for roasting … Continue reading