Chopped at home: how to avoid going to the grocery store — again

It was Monday night. We were recovering from a long Labor Day weekend that involved far too much consumption of free food and a little bit of manual labor. As much as I didn’t feel like cooking, I felt even less like going to the grocery store — again. I had just gone late Saturday … Continue reading

Remembering Julia

We hear about Julia Child all the time. About the indelible — and edible — mark she left on the food world, making French food accessible to regular folk with her charm and certain je ne sais quoi. We have seen her depicted in blogs and books and movies of late, portrayed by Meryl Streep in the … Continue reading

Does SALT need an ambassador?

I’ve noticed a lot of food world mutterings of late about the merits and pitfalls of SALT. Is it the enemy of healthy blood pressure and accomplice to the fast food industry? Or is it the perfect replenishment following a hard workout, not to mention a chef’s magic dust that makes food go from bland … Continue reading