Summer days, driftin’ away

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But, oh, those summer tomatoes. I have long been in love with them. But this summer was the first I really tried (and succeeded!) to grow my own. I’m now in the midst of a steady daily harvest of a half-dozen romas and at least as many sweet, yellow cherry tomatoes, which I end up snacking on while … Continue reading

Summer in Review

The Bolton family preserving foods.

I’m sitting on the deck at our new house, feeling fall between my toes. They didn’t see much sand this summer — unless watching other people vacation on Instagram counts — but I’m OK with that. I did other things. There was the aforementioned purchase of our first house in good ole’ Northern Virginia, which basically … Continue reading

The taken-for-granted summer tomato

Baby tomatoes

As I savored a giant slice of peppered and salted beefsteak tomato the other night — my raw tomato-loathing husband looking at me only slightly disgusted, that’s how good it looked — I found the taste taking me back to summers at my grandmother’s. The entire space of lawn that wrapped around the back of … Continue reading