When all else fails, make breakfast

The last two weeks were a bit of a departure from my usual I-can-take-on-the-world outlook. They were a bit rough — dotted with the wonderful highs of this season of life with a new baby — but rough. There were several work days that ended with me feeling like a perpetually-behind failure. The only deadlines that got … Continue reading

Raw milk: the ongoing story

I’m not sure what first got me into the idea of writing about raw milk and its devoted followers. The beverage, legal in some states, not so much in others, seemed to be the centerpiece of so many debates about our food system: Whole fats or low fat? Should government be able to tell people … Continue reading

Think about clean: cleaning products that are harmful to your health — and don’t tell you

The Environmental Working Group — creators of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists of pesticides in produce — released this morning another exhaustive guide to healthy and green living… this time regarding that bucket o’ cleaning supplies in your home. Duh, duh, duh… Does anyone else know, without even looking, that they’re probably guilty of haphazard … Continue reading

When in Virginia: taking a swing at Southern food

I bought buttermilk. I had a few things in mind when I did this, besides drinking it with a dash of pepper like I did as a kid (and have since lost the stomach for). I had elaborate plans to make homemade biscuits, like the ones my Atlanta-raised culinary champion of a friend Katy (also … Continue reading