The Salt Flakes: Made From Mineralized Brines

The Murray river salt is well-known for its name “salt flakes”. Direct from the pristine mineralized brines, the stunning pale pink color of the salt flakes is from the particular four kinds of elements:

  • Higher content of Magnesium
  • Higher content of Calcium
  • Less degree of Potassium
  • Less degree in Iodine

You can find the very soft and fragile pink salt flakes at, creating a superior texture to the dish. Here are the characteristics of the Murray river salt:

  • Naturally pink
  • Delicate flavor
  • Highly mineralized

Best dish amplifier

Did you know that other variety of the white salt, you have the pale pink hue salt of Murray river? Yes, it has been used by many chefs and has been ordered by most of the top-rated restaurants? So, instead of using the white salt, the pink hue salt has been used as a fish amplifier. The pink salt flakes don’t only create uniqueness using other kinds of salt variety and enhance the taste of it, as well.

Cooking benefits of pink salt

Aside from using the pink salt for bath scrubs, it also improves skin conditions. In addition to that, it soothes sore muscles. The pink salt flakes can be used for preparing and serving a variety of foods. It conducts heat efficiently and with high temperatures, it is ideal for grilling or baking meats, eggs, poultry, seafood, fish, and vegetables.

Believe it or not, the pink salt flakes can also be used in baking pizzas, cookies, scones, and some other baked goods. Cooking on pink salt flakes is a new idea. It is a distinctive way of preparing and serving foods; the surprising texture and flavor added to the meal make it popular. The salt flakes are touted to protect against foodborne illnesses and level up the nutrient content of the meals.

Salt flakes can be used for a variety of foods. What is more, you can chill to serve desserts and cold dishes, making them exceptionally versatile. For example, chilled salt flakes are used to serve chess, sushi, fruit, meat, sorbet, custard, and ice cream. The superior texture of the salt flakes is a premium, delicious and unique product loved by many star chefs, restaurants, and even self-proclaimed foodies worldwide.

The quality pink salt is not just popular in one state, but in fact all around the world. Many are liking the pink salt flakes because of the pristine mineralized brine content, making it an expensive variety. It is why many chefs and restaurant owners accept it as one of the lists of best seasonings for their recipes. More and more chefs are accepting the beautiful and admiring benefits of salt, making it an expensive variety.

Is it true? Yes, it may be an expensive variety, but it is worth it to buy and add up to your recipes.