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The current year’s tough season has kicked off with an increase in supply as a fruit king’s guard harvest is pouring out of Malaysia. Over the past few weeks, durian traffickers have received large numbers of durians in cargoes from Johor, Pahang, and Penang, because of the great weather, a peak flowering season for durian flowers, and less interest during Ramadan. The main durian season in Singapore is normally from June to September. This explosion in supply meant that costs were cut in half. The famous durian shop singapore, which is much appreciated for its mixed smoothness, is currently valued at around $20 per kilogram. It is normally valued at $30 per pound.

With the cost of durian plummeting, durian fans flocked to organic produce stores to satisfy their lusty craving for sharp organic produce. With so much buzz about durians, this is a thorny question: how to choose durians and realize you’re getting the genuine article? He tends to threaten at times when you’re picking your durian, while durian vendors are forcing you to make a smart choice or throwing blades at you. The 30-year-old former leader of the internet business project is important to a new era of durian merchants who are modernizing the exchange with hip packages and virtual entertainment and an online presence.

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Scrape the stem

The simplest litmus test of a durian’s novelty is to scratch its stem gently with your fingertips. Assuming that the stem presents a sturdy, leaf-green interior without much effort, it is an indication that the durian has fallen from the trees within the last 24 hours.

Smell the durian

The smell of the organic product is also a mark of its novelty and taste. Require the durian vendor to hold the leafy food along the creases and split the lines along the top of the durian that is closest to the stem.

Tune in when the Durian vendor hits the fruit

Durian sellers are, in many cases, seen tossing the natural product around their gloved hands and hitting it repeatedly with an offset spatula. The key to this “play and touch” activity is to see which parts of the natural product are ready. That’s what Phua says, assuming a durian is ready, it should “sound like beating a drum” as the natural product is emptier with air holes inside the organic produce. This is of great help.