Indian Kitchens

Smart Kitchen-The Dominant Indian Kitchens

In the F&B business, a highly profitable restaurant has existed immeasurably in the past few years. These were food delivery services at an affordable cost. The advantages of cloud technology, accelerate the order online delivery in the event of a pandemic. KitchenPlus/ smart kitchen has the latest way to order online. A digital platform or smart technology to make the kitchen fast in ordering, confirming, and delivering. You can also manage the order by returning the food. With these services, it’s smooth to use in adding, and removing mobile gadgets, without stress.

All you need to know from the KitchenPlus is made to order.

The central kitchen can provide your particular needs. In every area there are large numbers of supplies in all you need to start. By all means, in any kitchen equipment you can use and fit in the kitchen. These are the facilities in smart kitchen space it consist of following:

  • Rider waiting area for the customers.
  • There’s a staff locker area.
  • Stock receive and loading part area.
  • Shared preparation and storage area.
  • For the staff’s pantry.
  • Restrooms and pot washer.

The services provided in the kitchen will be organized.

These areĀ  is responsible in every section area.

  • 24-hour security/ CCTV, and on-site support staff.
  • Order pickup & processing.
  • 100% power backup and rider hand-off.
  • Cleaning & maintenance and pest control
  • Delivery logistics and extraction & ventilation
  • Preferred vendor connection for discounts and other benefits.

smart kitchen

A kitchen needs equipment to help the team prepare cooking, baking, and washing. This restaurant kitchen equipment has the list of primary things you’ll need in a commercial kitchen.

  • Gas points, high power lighting, and power outlets,
  • Cold & hot water lines
  • Fire suppression and gas leak detection system
  • WiFi and ethernet connections.
  • Trash / recycle service and backup water.
  • The 3 compartments, preparation, hand, and sink.
  • Commercial hoods treated fresh air and water heating.
  • Treated fresh air, power and gas.
  • Grease-trap and kitchen grease interceptor.
  • Cold freezer storage and chiller or freezer.
  • Dry storage / Dry rack storage.

In running a kitchen to keep good of the task, they will assist you in setting up the latest digital kitchens. You can connect delivery and manage your order. Help you with the data in delivering apps and the food technology equipment to work speed. Everything takes more advantage of the modernized equipment that makes your business accelerated and efficient. Digital kitchens can make the best of your business.